"Skin is on 10, Check out my GLOW, New Skin Who This?" Are all popular phrases women seem to be using these days when they are describing the glowing and healthy appearance of their skin. Now... HOW can we get these same results? Is what we are asking ourselves. Well, for starters healthy skin starts with what we are putting in our bodies. Junk food, fried foods, pop, and candy aren't the best foods for our skin. In fact those type of foods are what typically flare up any type of acne. So let's stay away from all that. Here is a list of great foods that promote healthy skin.

1. Avocado

2.Sunflower Seed

3. Sweet Potato

4. Broccoli


6. Tomatoes


8. Bell Peppers

Eating these foods, cooking with them, and implementing them into our diets will not only be great for you on the inside but they definitely help with getting that skin to another level.

Along with that it's important to drink plenty of water! You will notice a huge change in your skin by increasing your water intake. The best way to see if we are drinking enough water for the day is take your weight. I'll do me! (Ex. 150 lbs. divide that by 2= 75. So that means I should be drinking at MINIMUM 75 oz. of water a day!) Getting rest is also important. Those bags under the eyes are NOT cute and definitely aren't helping us with that glow we want oh so bad. Exercise! Getting regular exercise where we sweat is a great way to clean out the pores in the skin. any increase of the body's circulation will improve skin's appearance. We also want to be sure to remember to exfoliate. Exfoliation helps remove dead cells on the skin and can help with many skin problems. It increases blood circulation which helps you achieve healthy, soft, glowing skin in the matter of seconds. Try exfoliating twice a week as a part of a good home care regimen. While it's important to remove dead skin, it's also important not to strip away too many of our natural oils, so a good balance is essential. Also ladies! Coconut Oil!!! I literally use this for EVERYTHING! If I could drink it I would lol. Coconut oil contains vitamins K and E which nourish and protect the skin. It's a natural moisturizer and help prevents dehydration. I shave with this stuff, wipe off my makeup, cook with it, and I'll even use it as a night mask. I'll do a thin layer, just sleep with it on, and I'll wake up with a nice hydrated glow! In addition to using and lathering myself in coconut oil, here are a couple of my favorite products I swear by and use daily!

1. FACED. by STF (hey that's me! LOL) Cup O Joe Mask. All organic coffee mask which is actually coconut oil based. I use this daily! This mask helps with hydration, brightening, rejuvenating, and restoring aging skin. I am absolutely obsessed. I don't even typically need a moisturizer after this bc it's so hydrating. Price :$20 for 4 oz. Jar

2. Aloe Vera plant gel. I use this daily as well. It's really great for lightening any spots I may get or have and is also great for inflammation. Price:$4 on Amazon

3. Rice Milk Soap. Ok so to be honest I started using this because I Heard Beyonce say she washed her face with it. So I said to myself "Well if the queen herself uses it then it must be good!" I fell in love with it. It has helped even my skin tone and leaves a gentle glow on my skin. It also doesn't leave my skin feeling super dry. Overall a great cleanser and it's natural! Price: $7 on Amazon.

4. Hello, Calm Cannabis mask from Origins. This mask is amazing! I for one love masks that you don't have to wait and rinse off. This mask is just THAT! After cleansing you apply this mask, let it absorb in for about 10 minutes then rub in the excess product. It's hydrating, calming and smells great. I love using it after a long day or if I just did an intense workout. Price: $28 (2.5 oz.) Origins.

5. Rosewater & Coconut face mist. I use this daily! I'll spray it on if I need a boost of hydration throughout the day or in the morning before I leave for the day to give me a nice little glow. It smells good and very affordable! Price:$ 12 from SHE Aromatherapy,

While there are so many skin products out there, some selling you dreams, some that are amazing, some that give us our worst skin nightmare. I encourage you all to focus on what you're putting into your bodies for your skin because that's where it starts. Also while what may work for one person may not work for you. Everyone's skin is different. Try to stay away from a lot of chemicals and when in doubt, go with natural products! The natural products can't hurt you unless you are sensitive or allergic to a certain ingredient. Try different products until you fall in love. As you can see above I keep my skin care routine pretty simple. That's what works for me! Also before you spend lots of money on skin care, don't be afraid to ask for samples of product to make sure it's right for your skin! So let's focus on healthy eating, plenty of water, rest, exercise, and a great skin care regimen to get that GLOW we all LOVE!

Thanks for Reading my Lovies!

Brandi Yvonne


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