If you’re anything like me, I wake up hungry! I actually look forward to breakfast in the morning. That alarm goes off and I’m headed straight to the kitchen for my breakfast. And why is that? That’s because i have trained my body to eat at the proper scheduled times, that way when it’s time to eat, I’m able to eat the right amount of food to satisfy my body until the next meal. For example, do you realize when you eat super late, maybe after the club at like 3 a.m, you will wake up and don’t eat again until about noon or 1 p.m. When you finally eat you tend to over eat because your body is holding onto what you ate the night prior. Your body is telling itself.. “well I don’t know when she’s going to feed me again, so let me hold onto this food and store this fat and sugar to keep her going.” But that’s actually the worst thing to do to our body. We have to fuel our bodies for energy! So thats where the most common question comes up with my clients! They ask “Brandi I have no idea what to eat before I come in for a workout! What should I eat?” Because they know if they don’t have anything on their stomach I won’t train them! I’m not in the business of rushing people to the hospital because they’ve passed out! LOL. But no seriously I stress that to all my clients. You have to have something to eat before you circuit or HIIT train. I recommend eating something 30 to 45 minutes before your workout and something small just to fuel you through your workout. So.. with that being said, my personal favorite pre workout meals are Yogurt Parfait’s. Sounds fancy right? Lol not at all! Just grab some Vanilla yogurt, some granola, and berries of your choice. You can make this in a disposable cup, grab a plastic spoon, and enjoy on your way to your workout. Another one of my favorites is Oatmeal! Super quick and easy and full of protein. I suggest a steel-cut oatmeal and nothing with too much sugar. Peanut Butter toast is also a great pre workout meal! Just grab One to two slices of whole wheat bread, toast it , spread some peanut butter on it, and there you have it! Two boiled eggs and a grapefruit are one of my favorites as well! A fruit smoothie is a great pre workout meal as well! Nothing too heavy and just the right amount of sugar to fuel you through your workout. On a daily basis I eat breakfast to get my day started. You will notice how just eating breakfast jump starts your eating schedule for the day! Now just make sure you’re eating the RIGHT things for your meals throughout the day. Eat clean and on time and you’ll notice a change in your body, your energy level, and your workout performance! Happy Eating Soldiers!

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