So you Wanna Get GAINZ?

Gaining weight back! Doing it in a healthy way, and gaining muscle!

This winter was super rough on me! I had the flu twice! As we all know what comes with the flu. No appetite, and staying in bed for days! In total I lost 12 pounds from being sick. Now I know what you’re thinking.. “12 pounds! That’s amazing! I wish that would happen to me!” But NO! Not when I work really hard to gain healthy weight and keep it on me! Not to mention, stay in the gym 7 days a week to tone and gain muscle! So what IS healthy weight? Healthy weight is gained by eating foods that are of course healthy LOL and lifting weights that promote muscle gain. So if you’ve ever seen those health quotes that say things about GAINS, that’s what they’re talking about. (For those who didn’t know.) Now… some may think Oh I just need to eat more and I’ll gain weight. True. But not necessarily what you may be thinking of eating. I don’t mean snack on the Dorito’s and ice cream and eat burgers and fries all day. There’s a difference in gaining healthy weight. First off, those types of junk foods will make you lazy in the gym, tend to have a ton of sugar.. which we all know breaks down into fat and just aren’t good for you PERIOD. So in order to gain weight in a healthy way that means taking up your calorie intake daily. So while we would typically eat 1500-2000 calories a day, in order to gain you would want to increase that anywhere from 500 to 1000 additional calories. For example if I would normally eat a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter in the morning and greek yogurt, I would add a second piece of toast and add nuts or granola to my yogurt. The peanut butter is high in fat and protein, and the nuts have beneficial fats and the calories I need. Same thing applies with lunch and dinner. I would double the portions of my protein (meats) and eat more starchy veggies like corn and potatoes because they are higher in calories than the green veggies. Snacking on protein bars and trail mix are great as well. Check out the nutritional facts on the back to see exactly how many calories they have and just make sure they aren’t too high in sodium. All these extra GOOD calories are being taken in which allows us to lift heavier weights in the gym, increase our workouts to doing 2 a days, and gives us more energy while boosting our metabolism! THAT is healthy gains! There are of course supplements as well that help gain muscle and protein shakes and all kinds of different things these companies are coming out with these days, but this is your bread and butter pretty much. Eating MORE and eating HEALTHY. I happily gained back 10 pounds in 2 weeks and I’m back to my old self! Training, lifting, and GAINING.

Until Next Time My STF Soldiers…

Stay Beautiful, Stay Strong, Stay Fit.


Love.. B

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