Don't Cancel On Yourself!

I’ve heard so many of my friends tell me, “B, it’s not the problem of me actually being in the gym. It’s the part of me GETTING to the gym.” It’s the alarm clock going off at 6 A.M because you promised yourself you were going to get up and get a good workout in before you have to be at work. As that alarm loudly goes off at 6, 6:10, and 6:20 and you have slept through the first 20 minutes, when you finally do decide to get up you’ve then made another excuse how it’s going to take you at least 15 minutes to get ready, and by this point you’ve just said screw it and climbed back in bed until 7 which is typically the time you wake up anyway. And just like that, you’ve cancelled a very important meeting you made with yourself. Now let me ask you this. If you had an important business meeting with a client, future business endeavor, or maybe even a loved one would you sleep through that? NO! Treat meetings with yourself the same way. Make yourself a priority, make working out a priority. I mean.. it is YOUR body. You only get one of them! It’s your temple and you should treat it as it is. Set aside a time each day that you will dedicate to working out. Put it in your phone as a reminder if you need to. Look up some inspiration pics and save them as motivation! Also what I have found helpful is to create the perfect workout playlist that you can jam on the way to the gym to turn you up! That way by the time you’ve reached your workout destination you’re turnt up and ready! Don’t let a bad day or just the fact of you being tired get in the way of your meeting with yourself at the gym. use that as motivation. Just think to yourself.. “yes i’m tired, but I know I’ll feel better after this workout.” Or even a bad day. Take whatever is bothering you and use it as motivation while you work out. Come up with a mantra that you say to yourself. Such as “I am stronger than I think, keep pushing” , or “The sky isn’t my limit, it’s just my view, I’m reaching past the sky.” It’s crazy how by just saying inspirational quotes, they can trigger us and push us even harder than we ever imagined. When we fail to plan we plan to fail. So lets plan our days out and let’s make working out a part of our daily routine for a better and healthier lifestyle! Don’t Cancel on yourself! Plan your meetings, attend your meeting, kill your meeting! Walk away feeling confident, stronger, and with a smile. You got this.

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