Walking for a Cause. Life Walk 2016

AIDS Arms, Inc. is the largest local nonprofit HIV/AIDS service organization in North Texas, serving HIV+ individuals and reaching thousands more with testing, prevention and education efforts. I had the pleasure of walking in the 2016 Life Walk this year and it was an amazing and liberating experience. The walk started at 11 am in Dallas’s Lee Park near Katy Trail. Hundreds of people gathered around the starting line. There was music, dancing, food trucks, dogs, balloons, and raffle giveaways. To get people amped and excited, the DJ began playing several line dance songs. People joined in dancing, laughing, and celebrating the cause. I could just feel the joy and happiness around me. I’m not a fan of line dances, but they looked like they were having so much fun, so of course I joined in. LOL. An announcer came on soon after thanking everyone for coming and informing us that the walk was about to begin. He did a countdown from 10 and a horn blew and we were off! The walk was a 5K (3.2 mile) hike through uptown. We talked, we laughed, met interesting and celebrated people. It felt good to be out there walking for such a great cause. All the colors people wore on their shirts and people wearing beads and holding balloons, while people cheered us on along the way was so inspiring. The weather was at a perfect 85 and sunny. So we walked through the streets with the wave of people, singing and joking along the way. It took us a little over an hour to complete the walk. We were really in no rush. We walked and enjoyed people’s company and just absorbed the happiness and joy around us. I think this walk was so inspiring to me because I love seeing all different types of people come together. Whether its race, sexual orientation, age, whatever! It’s just so beautiful to me to see a plethora of people walk and support each other for one cause. That helps us as humans remember that we are all equal. We all can help each other and lift up and support one another. No matter what age, race, gay, straight, man, or woman. We all go through things and no one’s life story is the same. HIV/AIDS is something that many people live with and I think it’s important to educate ourselves and be aware of ways we can help and support those who do live it daily. LifeWalk is to help strive towards an HIV free world and doing all we can to make people aware of it and help raise money for those with HIV to be healthy and strong.

I was inspired and moved by this fun and colorful experience. I will definitely be back next year for Life Walk 2017 dressed in a full rainbow tutu and bells and whistles around my neck!

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