Brandi's Top 5 Underrated Beauty Secrets!

As women we tend to spend hundreds of dollars on Beauty essentials. I know I can pretty much be talked into anything when it comes to beauty products. The sales lady says something as simple as "this will make your skin glow"! And I'm sold on it! "In fact give me two of them" I'll yell laughing. Leaving the store spending much more than i anticipated on spending every single time. So a couple days ago i started looking through my bathroom cabinet and realized I have way too much! Too many facial cleansers, too many masks that go to waste from not using them by expiration dates, and too many moisturizers! Yes, i said too many! I know I know. LOL. So then i thought, what do I use often that are either underrated or can save me money and STILL do the trick? So I made a list! These secrets that I list I either use on a daily basis or at LEAST 2 to 3 times a week!

1. Water: I drink about a gallon of water a day. I know people may think that's a lot of water to drink but TRUST me... it is literally the fountain of youth! I get more compliments on my skin when i'm heavily drinking water more times than any! Now why water? Water is very hydrating for your skin. Our skin is 64% water. Water plumps up, causing wrinkles and pores to, more or less get filled in. When skin is hydrated, plump, and elastic, it's less likely to crack and let in external particles that can cause irritations and blemishes! Not only that but I've found that I'll look less tired, my eyeballs whiter, and skin looking healthy and glowy. So go ahead and chug that water ladies;)

2. Jamaican Castor Oil: So I swear this stuff is like Magic in a little bottle! It can help grow your eyebrows thicker and even your eyelashes longer and darker! It's even more amazing for your hair. It helps grow your hair, solves brittle hair, hair breakage, dandruff, dry itchy scalp, thinning hair and even bald spots! It increases blood flow to the scalp, supplying valuable nutrients to hair follicles. This versatile oil carries many varied uses. I swear by this stuff. You can purchase at your local drug store, beauty supply store, or even Amazon.

3. Coconut Oil: Ok so what doesn't this stuff do??? I use coconut oil to wash my face, shave my legs if I'm out of shaving cream, I lather my body with it before I sit in the sauna, I use it as a leave in hair treatment! Coconut Oil is probably my favorite thing in the world. Many people cook with it as well! If you use it as a makeup remover, it will leave your skin feeling baby smooth and will give it a nice glow when you wake up in the morning! I buy mine from Whole Foods for 12.99 and it lasts me quite a while considering everything I use it for!

4.Egg White, Lemon, Honey Mask:

Rejuventing, brightening, hydrating, and gentle on skin! I absolutely love this mask and do it at least once a week. Ive become a huge fan of DIY masks. Buy doing masks yourself you are getting the pure form of every ingredient. The masks are fresh, and more often than none, the ingredients are harmless on your skin. The egg whites are great for oily skin, smoothing wrinkles, preventing blackheads, and helps to fight off and prevent acne scars. The potent antioxidant and vitamin C elements in lemon play a remarkable role in skin lightening, alleviating freckles, dark spots and age spots. Applying lemon juice on the age spots help decrease the dark areas making them lighter. And last but not least, honey! Raw honey is an amazing natural beauty solution for all skin types because of its healing skin benefits. It does wonders for a wide variety of skin ailments including acne and enlarged pores and hyper pigmentation. So these 3 ingredients together in a face mask will have your skin looking and feeling on 10! One of my favorites by far!

5. Vanilla Essential Oil

So of course we all love our perfumes. We like to smell good and have people compliment us on the fragrances that we are wearing! I have found that wearing oils from the fragrances that I love the most get me so many compliments! I decided to buy a vanilla bean essential oil one day while I was shopping at whole foods. I rub a little on my wrists, my chest, and on the inside of my thighs! I smell like a sweet treat all day! It sticks to your clothing and is light and not overbearing! Not to mention, its only $12.99 and can go right in your purse! If there are any scents you love that they use in one of your expensive bottles of perfume, search for the oils! Much cheaper and they do just the trick! Try out Vanilla bean, patchouli, and even Frankincense!

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