Best Workout Apparel to Invest In

So.. as newcomers into the fitness world, quite a few people are shocked at the prices of good workout gear. I for one don’t blame you! Yes, the prices of workout clothes can come as a shocker if this isn’t the type of clothing you are accustomed to buying. $120 for a pair of tights, $60 for a bra, and $120 for a pair of shoes can be quite overwhelming. I believe in getting what is comfortable and what you can get your money's worth from. I also believe in investing for the long run. If there is a great pair of running shoes that cost $100, go ahead and invest in those, that way you won't have to buy another pair for awhile! My personal favorite running shoes are the Nike Free 4.0 Fly Knit's. They are super light, great for traveling, and so comfortable! Not to mention they come in about 30 different colors! So those i would strongly recommend trying. But as far as different workout clothes there are so many to choose from! I mean, Summertime fine of course ;) But theres also Lululemon, reebok, adidas, underarmour, Victorias secret, and even Bebe! I think you should have fun with your workout attire! Mix and match if you want! Get a great sports bra that offers support and bottoms that you are comfortable wearing to the gym. Theres nothing worse to me than wearing a pair of pants you're constantly pulling up or shorts that you keep having to pull down! So keep that in mind while shopping for your workout gear! Remember to ask yourself the 3 C's while shopping. Is it COMFORTABLE ? Will it keep me COOL while working out? And of course is it easy to CLEAN? The last C is important because we are constantly washing our workout clothes. So popping our clothes in the wash and dryer without color fading or things falling off of them is super important! I'm excited for all you newcomers into the fitness world and I wish you luck with your shopping! I hope this post helped those asking questions about what types of clothes to buy and invest in! I want to see you guys in your STF gear as well! Xoxo.

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