SOUL CYCLE. Taking cycling to another level.

SOUL CYCLE. Two words I had never heard combined. Well those two words I was introduced to about a year ago absolutely stole my heart. I was introduced to Soul Cycle by my best friend in Boston. She was raving about this amazing cycle class that she was going to every day. So on a visit to Boston I took an evening class instructed by Sal. It took one class and I fell in love. As a lover of fitness and health, any type of exercise class is always great to me. However, this class was on a totally different level. The moment I stepped into Soul Cycle Chestnut Hill, the energy was insane! Women and men rushed into the studio asking for shoes and water bottles. The front desk staff quickly accommodating everyone but still managing to keep a huge smile on their face and people coming out of the previous class drenched and looking as if they had just stepped out of a hot steamy shower. I was in awe. I couldn’t wait to experience this class. After getting my shoes and a water bottle we hurried into the class and settled on the bike we selected prior to coming to the class. I had a friendly associate help situate me on the bike, being that it was my first time. A couple moments later Sal comes in full of energy and starts playing a Beyonce song. He hops on the bike and starts pedaling. The rest of the class begins to come and fill up the rest of the seats. “Full house” I say to myself. “Very impressive”. The lights are low and Sal asks if there any newcomers and If there are, he explains the positioning. After that the class begins and you can just feel the energy! Everyone is moving side to side and doing the same motions and pedaling to the beat! Im riding, i’m keeping up, I’m dancing! I was having so much fun! Throughout the class we even brought out small weights to do an arm sequence. It was amazing! I had never done anything like it! The instructor yelled out encouraging words, kept the lights low, and even personally came to some of the bikes to make sure everyone was able to get through the class! It took me one time and I fell in love. I thought to myself, I want to do this! I want to teach one of these classes! After class I felt accomplished, stronger, and burned at least 2000 calories! LOL. SOUL CYCLE is opening new locations left and right and its just so amazing to see the company grow! I encourage everyone to take a class at least ONCE! Experience the SOUL CYCLE craze! They even have cute clothes they have merged with Nike and Lululemon! Look for a location near you and try it out! Thank me later:)

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